Thursday, December 17, 2009

Since the Year 2000: Wolf Parade-Apologies to the Queen Mary

Since the bunch of Canadians responsible for the bands Wolf Parade,Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake, Frog Eyes, Handsome Furs and most recently Moonface made their initial appearance four years ago; we have had the listening pleasure of at least half a dozen albums. Namely Spencer Krug, who is either the commanding force or has had a hand in the creative drive behind the fore mentioned bands. The innovation and musical experimentation has not halted since their inception and the evolution of these bands have continued to etch a strong reputation in the music world for Canadian music scene. With all this said, it was the initial drum crash and wail of Spencer Krug in the first track from Apologies to Queen Mary, the introductory album by Wolf Parade that had my senses instantly on overload. A change in my musical taste at a time that had me discovering different groups and realizing the presence of the lesser known talents.
The album was comprised of a handful of new songs not included on the previous self-titled EP and an additional track reworked from Krug's Sunset Rubdown project. The title addresses crude actions and behavior that had the band removed from the ocean liner, Queen Mary. The band's sound had an originality, manipulating and marrying a variety of sounds and instrumentation creating this chaotic beauty. Of the various monikers, the music by Wolf Parade is the most straightforward and aims at a more grand scale. It seems Krug takes an ominous perspective on global observations while reflecting his self importance to society based on how his genetics affect the man he has become. Writing credits and vocals are split between Krug and guitarist Dan Boeckner who's contrasting perspectives broaden our horizons and equal a distorted harmony.

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