Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Intimate Evening with Acrylics, Schuba's Tavern, Chicago,3.3.10

Tonight's show seems to be a well kept secret, the room is pretty spacious aside from the scattered local hipsters eager to check out the highly blogged about Acrylics. The Brooklyn, NY duo who are expanding to a full band;released their EP, All of the Fire with, Terrible Records in the Fall of 2009 are making their maiden voyage through the States in support. The noise and chatter of the audience cease as the initial notes of music commence, immediately a variety of harmonious tones blare from the stage ultimately deafening down to a pair of simple pleasant strums from the contrasting guitars. Molly Shea and Jason Klauber (joined on stage by Travis Rosenburg) , a hypnotizing pair of voices singing 70s influenced melodramatic pop music with a cinematic grandiose aesthetic. As the first song concludes, Jason expresses gratitude and introduces the band and their origin, noting how great it is to be in Chicago.
Cross breeding a variety of sounds and influences, its difficult to peg a specific classification of the trio's sound. A languid, gentle delivery of personal recounting swapped by the pair and complimented by contrasting guitar play (electric vs. acoustic) and a synth-pop accenting an upbeat, joyous chorus. After a brief miscue, the three quickly restart, "All of the Fire" an air of nervousness present but not affecting the band's pleasurable chemistry and personal enjoyment to share their tales and music. Aside from the minor mishaps from the venue's sound, an ingenious beauty exudes from the stage. After much of the trio's set, Molly finally speaks introducing the band's notable track "Molly's Vertigo." The song's lyrics paint an image of the past, surrounded by a bittersweet misery well beyond the years of the band. There is an introverted quality present, as the two expose each other's optimistic hope through their soul's aspirations and the dreamy melodies on their guitars. Thanking the audience once again, Jason introduces the set's final song, "counting sheep" an unreleased love song searching for a warm embrace for the night's end. A wonderfully warm lullaby to close the evening's performance. I am now more eager to see the band on my upcoming trip to SXSW, who will be playing 7 shows (including the first performance of the week's festivities).

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