Wednesday, September 9, 2009

[Live Review] The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Chicago, Logan Square Auditorium, 9.08.09

Arriving at the Logan Square Auditorium, I cant help feeling as though I’ve stepped back into time, into a high school gymnasium on prom night. Only here I'm surrounded by the city’s hipsters, as though I just walked into a nest. Unfortunately I miss the Cymbals Eat Guitars set, making them a priority this weekend at Monolith. The Depreciation Guild is up next and they begin with no introduction. The words are muted and overpowered by a dancing Christoph Hochheim on guitar, but the lyrics seem to play a secondary role to the music creating a poppy shoe gaze effect. They seem like a young band sill finding their way but emitting a lot of promising aspects in their music.
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart step onto stage after what seemed like a minimal set up. Lights turn on and with their expected punch the music begins. All five including, Christoph from The Depreciation Guild seems to bouncing along to the music. Drums continue to punch, straight into “Young Adult Friction”. Kip finds a nice steady jig as he belts lines and rips into the melody on his guitar. I feel as though time sort of freezes and Kip glares off into an invisible spot while meticulously delivering the lyrics and everyone around him bop their heads. This is another band who look as though they truly enjoy performing, whether or not there was a crowd they would still play with such intensity. There is a happy balance of melody and tempo following Kip’s lyrical lead. A constant and concentrated look overwhelms the stage as all members play with a downward gaze. Kip jokes about his necessity to change shirts after a realization he was dressed the same at Pitchfork. He admitted a strong desire to prove he showers regularly. At this point, a guy in the crowd yells out,” I Love You!!!” Kip makes commentary to his beloved fan before returning to his onstage fun.
“Come Saturday” gets the crowd excited after Kip miss announces, getting to excited to play from their most recent EP, Higher Than the Stars. They find a definite level of comfort ability and playing through the sound issues. There is as much explosion from their music as I remember from Pitchfork. As the set winds down, Peggy thanks the crowd, complimenting the energy of the crowd and noting with a laugh the feeling of playing a school dance. The drums count down and the high tempo resumes with “Twins”. In a recent interview, Kip noted that every band should have a self-titled anthem. He mentioned they save theirs for the conclusion of the set, chanting “We Will Never Die!!” an exclamation I cannot see coming true as their pop quality that resonates in your brain and endearment to pull at your heart. Returning for a single encore song, Kip notes loving Chicago, reminding him of being back in high school. “Gentle Sons” was dedicated to the Smashing Pumpkins, they’re awesome although the song has nothing to do with them. An orchestra of guitars bouncing back and forth lead the ending procession of tonight’s show.

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