Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pitchfork Spotlight: Blitzen Trapper

Growing Fur, dragons in the sky and a hideously creepy story of a serial killer sung in the first person. These are some of the themes making appearances in Blitzen Trapper's most recent album, Furr. A sextet out of Portland, Oregon whose music emits the scent of 70s Psychedelic, Indie Folk and a lyrical imagination that far surpasses the standard of any current band. Still newly acquainted I have the pleasure of gaining a better grasp with an endless catalog of fantastical explorations they have concocted thus far. In their music, Blitzen Trapper are able to address every aspect or theory in a man's life and spin a journey through the cracks of reality to create ulterior perspectives we all can approach each new day with. Eric Earley, BT's lead singer and songwriter is a contemporary poet ramblin' through the spectacular beauties of mother nature as he serenades her in a fashion similar to Thoreau or Frost. The listener is ultimately able to relate and feel the overall sensation of love that recurrs through many shapes and forms in Furr.
"Black River Killer" is a dark and twisted tale narrated by a serial killer who struggles with his internal desires to enjoy this sadistic love of murder. The song takes place in the first person which allows the listener to see a human side of this monster enjoys revisiting an aspect of his psyche that is torturous to see an inner struggle and find some sympathy for a man's frustrating passion to return to his negative ways. If a negatively natured child is raised by kind, God swearing people will they remain the same or is there enough positive in their parents' hearts to deter them from a unwanted path. A man is split into two dealing with these struggles and has a tendency to lose his own identity. The question is, which side will he pick?

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