Monday, June 29, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

My fuzzy memory dictates a late evening on the couch in 1983 my parents were out. Our babysitter, (probably now in hind sight wanted to see it herself) allowing us to stay up to see the MTV world premiere of “Thriller.” An instance although short, it was very memorable. Whether he was bitten by one of the zombies on the set or part of his logic was burned away with his hair, everyone can agree Michael Jackson the man, changed many years ago. With all that said, I cannot deny the many childhood memories Michael Jackson, the musician, the artist, the creative innovator produced for me. His fashion senses were always a little awry but replicated; his dancing skills had every adolescent thinking they knew the proper way to emulate his steps. Not to mention the endless catalogues of songs on repeat, lyrics sung through infinite amount of school halls. Whatever resulted of the man, everyone will always question but no one can ever argue Michael Jackson, the artist will always hold a dear memory in all of our hearts.


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